Butterfly garden® – a place to grow

Butterfly Garden® is a unified brand that guarantees you a wide range of delightful, sustainably produced plants. All our plants are easy to understand, enjoy and care for.

Butterfly Garden® has four concepts to inspire and encourage you to want to include plants actively throughout your home, both indoors and outdoors.

See all 4 concepts below.

Tingdal® Green Interior

A concept of durable green plants in 11 cm pots, primarily Peperomia.

GREEN INTERIOR plants are contemporary in shape and colour, and are intended to give florists and consumers plenty of scope for easy applications.

premium Collection

A specially selected Peperomia range consisting of large, robust plants in 14 cm pots.

These Premium Collection plants meet the requirements of discerning consumers for quality and fashionable home interiors.

Bloom Interior®

Selected flowering plants that will brighten up home interiors. These plants will last a long time and are easy to care for.

BLOOM INTERIOR® plants are always a delight to the eye, and bring joy to your home.
The assortment and solutions will be tailored to suit the seasons and events of the year. The plants will require minimal care and will last a long time.

Launching 1 May 2021

Garden Interior®

Selected plants that are easy for consumers to use in lots of ways in many different areas of the garden.

GARDEN INTERIOR® plants are designed to be a feast for the eyes and bring the garden to life, attracting butterflies, insects and small birds. The plants have a long flowering season and, in many cases, will continue to flower until the frost sets in.

Launching 1 May 2021